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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay Ceiling fans come in a wide variety of models and options to be abel to fill whatever your need in ceiling fans might be. With prices ranging from less than $ 50.00 and up you are sure to find one fan that will not only fit your need but also your pocket book. The variety in styles will give many options when it comes to choosing the perfect fan to compliment your home decor.

The flush mount variety of Ceiling Fans are designed to mount direct against the ceiling for those areas of your home with out much head room. This type of ceiling fan is perfect for the more confined spaces that might need assistance with air flow. Many models also have light fixtures that can be added or already come as part of the fan assembly. You can easily replace a simple ceiling light with a light and fan combination.

The hanging mount variety of Ceiling Fans are designed for areas where there is plenty of head room and space is not as much of an issue. These fans are also available with or with out lighting fixtures which allow the fan to easily replace a simple over head light that is already installed. This type of ceiling fan will allow for the maximum amount of circulation and greatly help both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Most Hampton Bay Fans are specifically designed to be easy to install with standard hand tools that are readily available in most households. Many will only require a screw driver and a willingness to put out the effort to install it yourself. The easy to follow step by step instructions included with these fans are part of what makes them so easy for the average person to set up for themselves.

The wide variety and selection from Hampton Bay is part of what makes these fans so popular. The ability to choose a model  with three or up to five blades and either with or without lights even the ability to choose different lighting options for different fans can allow a large number of options you can pick and choose from. This ability allows you to be sure you will be able to match any decor you may need to match in order to get the look just right.

The ability of  ceiling fans to help reduce your electrical costs in both winter and summer are one of the primary attractions to ceiling fans. With the ability to now only direct air down but to reverse the direction and pull air up these fans can help move warm air off the ceiling to the living spaces during winter without adding a downward blast of air. This option will gently help distribute heating around the entire room and help your heater perform more efficiently in winter. Then in summer the fan is easily switched back to a cooling fan by directing the air straight down to add to the cooling effect of your air conditioner causing it to work less and use less energy. The savings over the years can help off set the cost of the ceiling fan and continue for years helping lower your electrical cost a little each year.